Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sea World 2010

My sister, Jackie and her family were here and so was my brother, Craig and his family so we all went to Sea World.    I think everyone had fun and it was a success. The only part Keely was iffy about was when we walked thru the shark exhibit, the part where you are under the glass and they are swimming all around you, she put her head on Kevin's shoulder and hid. The girls were really good considering the lack of naps and such, as soon as we left they both crashed in the car.

Newport Harbor

  (yes I gave my 9 month old a lollipop...)
Last weekend the Wyatts were in town and my Dad decided to rent a boat and cruise Newport Harbor.   The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun! 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finally a new post!

My little girls are growing up so fast!! Kennedy has two teeth now. She crawls, climbs, and pulls her self up everywhere. I followed her last week down the hall and up the stairs?! She just wants to keep up with Keely.
My sister Amy used to work at the Little Gym in San Clemente.  The girls got to go down and play with her a couple of times.  They love their Aunt Amy!
For Memorial Day Weekend we went to Arizona for a visit.  We got to be there for Summers 6th Birthday too!  Keely loves her cousins so much.  She wouldn't leave Hunter alone, she was hugging and chasing him the whole time.