Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wyatts are back

We are happy to say that the Wyatt's are back in Arizona! They aren't just down the street, but at least only about 10 minutes away. I am so glad Keely will have some of her cousins close by and I will have Jackie. Summer already loves baby Keely and always wants to hold her.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rough Couple of Days

We have had a rough couple of days around here. We went to Keely's Dr. appt on Monday and found out that she had lost lots of weight. She was down to 5lbs 10 ounces. (she was born 6 lbs 12 ounces) Dr. suggested to add formula to her diet to make sure she was getting enough. Well I decided to just pump, she really has been struggling latching on anyways, and this way I know exactly how much she is getting. I have to feed her 3 oz every two hours... what does that equal.... No sleep for me. The Dr. also had us do a Jaundice test cause she said her skin looked a little yellow, then turned and looked at me and said "well you are a little yellow too." thanks....anyways and another PKU test (I guess AZ requires two PKU test...lame) Well the Dr. said she was ordering the Jaundice test stat and if she did have it that she would call that night. Well that night came and went so I figured we were out of the clear. Nope... Got a call in the morning to bring her back in for another Jaundice test. We did get the results tonight though and she thankfully is good. I don't know if any of you relate but my emotions are already on an all time high so all this information caused me much stress and worry. I had Kevin call our Bishop and he came over and gave Keely a beautiful blessing to help her get the nutrition that she needed and to continue to grow and be healthy. (I think it helped me more that her). Well thats been our last couple days in a nut shell. I am so grateful that my mom and Kevin have been here to help. I told my mom that she can never leave.
This Keely getting a bath! You have to admit she is so dang cute! Her ambilical cord fell off tonight so maybe tomorrow she will get a bath in her new bath tub (Thanks Lisa!).

Sunday, July 20, 2008


The Doctors wanted us to stay a day more than I wanted, but we got to go home on Saturday the 19th. Keely was having trouble latching on, but is doing much better now.
You know I had to go home and try on a cute outfit on her. Kevin and my mom think it looks like she is wearing a brown hat with pink trim.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's here

Keely Ila Crow is here!
After 37 hours of contractions, three trips to the hospital, and one wonderful epidural she was born 07/17/08 at 2:17pm. 6lbs 12 ounces and 20 inches long. Can you believe all that hair?! More to come soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baby Shower

Today Rachel, Angie, Suni, and Andrea threw baby Keely and me a Baby Shower. There was good food, good friends, and lots of cute little girly things. What else could a girl ask for? Thank you so much to everyone who helped and came to celebrate my little girl. I had a really good time, and I hope you guys did too. For those who didn't make it, we missed you.

Rachel made the cutest and yummiest cake. She even made the top tier coconut for me. Renee and Rachel made these adorable sugar cookies.

Thank you everyone!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Baby's Nursery

Here is pictures of Keely's Nursery. We can't wait for her to get here! Thanks Mom for painting and for the cute crib! We love you.