Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look who's 2!!

We were pretty low key for Kennedy's 2nd birthday.  My Mom, Keely, Kennedy & me went to Chuck E Cheese to play and for lunch and at night had a small family party with Rockwell cupcakes and presents.   We didn't take very many pictures because we flip video'd most of it.  She was really sweet with each present she would say "What is it?"  She got a Dora tent, Stackable blocks, a pretty dress, Barbie, Princess & the Frog DVD, Dolly, and more!  She was very happy!
Her 2 YEAR OLD STATS: 28.8 lbs & 34 3/4 inches tall.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Keely & Kennedy's friend, Avery, had a birthday party at the park this last weekend.  Kevin snapped this photo with his phone.  It is rare to get a photo of both of them looking.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nail Biter

My little Kennedy is such a silly girl. I really love the age she is at.  She has such a good sense of humor. She is really into trying to put on her own clothes.  One day she took off the clothes I put her in and came in wearing Keely's pj's and a beanie, I had to get the camera out.  Kennedy has turned into her mama, she is a nail biter!  Most the day she has her fingers or her toes into her mouth.  I just hope it doesn't take her 30 years to break that habit like it took me.