Friday, August 1, 2008

Only in Arizona

Yesterday, Keely, my Mom, and I had to venture to Phoenix for some insurance stuff. Well Keely got hungry and I had all her stuff with us but no where to warm up her bottle. My Mom had to brilliant idea, put the bag of milk on the hood of the car. This method was quicker than warming up under the hot water! Only in Arizona... The only benefit of 113 degree weather.

Keely is doing great though, on Monday she was up to 7lbs 4 oz, I am sure she has gained even more. She went to her first movie yesterday. Mamma Mia! It was pretty good, I liked the real musical better, but still very entertaining.

Here is a photo of Keely with her cousin Hunter. (Yes we set it up) It is so funny how big she makes Hunter look.


Skiba Family said...

SO cute! I love that you warmed up the milk on you car!!

Carrie Sherman said...

That's too funny. I tried those bottle warmers that plug into the cigarette lighter but they never got the milk warm enough-I never thought of the good old sun.

brooksybabe said...

I love this picture. So Perfect!

Andrea said...

Holy Cow you're a genius! I will have to remember that if I ever have more kids! I love that idea!