Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Hobby

Kevin isn't a fan of HUGE bows and big headbands. But with all her hair I had to do something! I think they turned out pretty cute. If any of you would like one, let me know.

I am going in on either the 22nd or the 29th. They are calling me this week to let me know. Scary... I am so glad to have my sister close and I think my mom said she is going to come back to help me and the baby.


Skiba Family said...

So cute! I often look back and wonder why I never did anything for Kierstie's hair and then I remember she didn't start sprouting hair until 15 months old!

Lindsay said...

Do they come in adult sizes?

Suni said...

Oh you poor thing, let me know if I can help you! Love the bows, they are sooo cute!!

kathy said...

so cute!! if i send you some money will you make some for my daughter and ship them to utah?