Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Were Moving!

Kevin got a job offer in Orange County, California to work for Cummins Cal Pacific! He starts August 24th so we have been very busy packing. Luckly Jackie (my sister) is renting our place out so we don't have to worry about our home. I am not sure yet when Keely and I are going to join him yet. Depends on health insurance. Most likely it will be right after baby sister gets here.

Had to post this picture. Jackie wanted to put make-up on my little girl. She looks like a mini drag queen! (I couldn't get her to look up for the life of me)


Skiba Family said...


Roger and Kari said...

Yeah! I get my friend back!

Carly said...

I am so glad that Kevin found a job, but the selfish part of me (which is most of me, lets be honest) is really really super bummed you are moving! Sad! :(
By the way, what is with pregnancy and moving, every single person I know that has moved recently is either hugely pregnant or has a brand-new baby while packing...talk about extreme nesting!
We will miss you so much--who will Sam steal stuff from now?