Sunday, February 21, 2010

Double Strollers & Bicycles

This last week we finally got a double stroller.  We got the double sit-n-stand.  Hoping that it will last us awhile with the option of when Keely gets a bit older she will be able to jump in and out on the back.  (Disneyland will be soooo much easier now too) Well at least we won't have two seperate strollers.  (I guess Disneyland is never that easy to get around with in a stroller)  I used to call the Moms at Disneyland the crazy stroller Moms, cause I would always get hit.  I now know that you have to be a crazy stroller Mom if you want to get anywhere at Disneyland!

Kevin got a new Beach Cruiser.  Our hopes are that we can go on family bike rides soon.  (I need to figure out the helmet laws in CA)  I know Kevin and I are good without one, but if the kids ride on a seat behind us do they need one??  Do they need one if they ride in the trailer?  Plus I got to find where they sell infant bike helmets.  Everywhere I have looked is 3+ size.  Might need to order from the interet I guess.  Here is Kevin on his new bike.
These are just the girls before church.  I think they look so cute
Keely carrying her purse of entertainment for church =)


The Stevens Family said...

Thanks for the post on strollers...we are trying to figure out what kind to get. Please let me know if Keely does good with this one!

Luke said...

SO flipping CUTE! I love Keely's hair like that!