Friday, July 2, 2010

Kennedy is 9 months old!

Kennedy went in for her 9 month check up today. She did so good.  Even when they pricked her finger she didn't cry.  She weighs 18.3lbs and is 28 inches tall.  In comparison to Keely,  Keely weighed 17.9 and was 28 inches tall too. Kennedy is very smart, she climbs over most barriers I make to keep her out of things and is already into opening and pulling things out of drawers.  She can stand up by herself without any help.  She has taken about 5 steps.  Just a matter of time for this girl to be running after her sister.  She also has her two bottom teeth.  She has been on Soy formula for about 2 months, though she prefers juice.  She is always stealing Keely's. She is growing so fast, we love her more and more each day (especially the days she sleeps good)

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