Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Disney Disney & More Disney

Since we got back from Arizona we have been going to Disneyland/California Adventure at least twice a week!  Since Luke is here for the month it has been even more fun!
 The carousel "horsies" is always a favorite

 On the tea cups with our friend Charlie
 Keely, Kevin & Luke on Space Mountain.  Love that Kevin's eyes are closed.  He said it was because of the bright flash.  I think he was scared :)  This is one of Keely's favorites.  I wish the ride wasn't so dark so i could see her expression.  She was cracking me up holding her arms in the air, just like her Daddy & Luke.
 Thunder Mountain Fun!
 Flying high on Dumbo

 We have gotten to ride in the back of the Monorail a couple of times.  It's pretty cool to be in the compartment all by ourselves.
 Toon town jail..
 One night we met up with my boss at Goofy's kitchen.  It was really good food and the girls loved the characters coming to our table. (but it is pricey)
 Waiting to watch Bugs Life 3D
We love the bridges and rope courses in Russell's Wilderness Adventure.

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