Friday, August 3, 2012

St. George, Utah

We made plans to meet up with Kevin's family in St. George, Ut.  It worked out perfect that we were able to meet up right after our lake powell trip. So we drove from Page AZ to St. George. UT for a couple of days. My Mother-in-law Sandy found a great rental house that had an awesome park down the street.  This park had everything!  Splash Pads, Tennis, Volleyball, and tons of play equipment.  I wish there was a park like this where we live.

Oh yeah!  We took Summer home with us for a week and a half :)
My Sister in law Julie suggested this really fun pool to take the kids to in Washington.  It had 3 different size slides, baby, medium and BIG, a lazy river, splash pads, whirlpools and even baby swings in the pool. It was indoor with great big garage door like openings so it was nice to not have to worry about sun screen. It was really cool.

Kevin, Uncle Nate and Grandpa took the kids to a red rock park while Grandma, Julie, Emily, Summer and me went shopping at the outlets.  The girls kept asking where the park was :)  Kevin had to tell them it was a different kind of park.

Even though it takes my girls a little bit of time to get over their shyness they sure do love seeing their Utah Cousins.

On July 24th we went back to Washington to see the fireworks.  Quite the experience.  We set up on the grass and the sprinklers came on!!  Twice!!  We managed not to get too wet but other people got soaked.  Poor Adam was playing on the playground and split his chin :(  After a long wait in the ER I think he ended up getting six stitches ;(  But on a side note,  the fireworks were really good!  Kennedy thought they were way too loud so I had to cover her ears the entire time.  I didn't take any pictures that night.  oops.

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