Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kennedy's 3!

 She loved getting cards in the mail.  She would walk around singing Happy Birthday to her self
 At Tot Lot (another little girl has the same B-day as Kennedy) oh and it was red day :)
 The cute cake Grammy made for her.
 So happy to open up make-up.  The girl loves loves make-up.
 We got tickets to go see Phineas & Ferb, live on stage in Long Beach.

 We finished up her birthday at Build-a-bear (Grandma & Grandpa Crow got Kennedy a gift card to there)
He loving her new fairy princess bear.
Questions I asked Kennedy:
1. What is your favorite show? Scooby Doo
2. Whats your favorite color? Blue and Red and Pink
3. Who is your best friend? Amy (her aunt)
4. Favorite place to go? Chuck e Cheese
5. Whats your favorite food? Noodles
6. Whats your favorite Candy? Lollipops and gum
Some funny things about Kennedy,  She smells everything.  When we are the grocery store, she likes to smell all the candies, the other day she found an alcohol wipe and said it smelled soooo good.  She had Grammy and Papa smell it too :)  When I say something she doesn't like she gives me a look and says, "Your kidding me Mom." She is finally off her night time bottle, and we are working on potty training.  I have always said Kennedy is much harder to raise then Keely, but honestly it gives her personality!  She is so cute and funny, life would be boring with out her. 

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Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

Such a cute cake! WOW! Shes a doll!