Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our little stinker

This morning, Keely woke up with some battle wounds. She had scratched her nose 3 times and her eye lid. The problem is we have a little thumb sucker. She hasn't quite learned that she won't poke her eyes and scratch her face if she makes a fist while she sucks her thumb. I promise I had cut her nails like 3 days ago. They grow so fast!!
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Suni said...

Oh I love thumb is so cute! I use to try and get my girls to suck their thumb, but it didn't work! Cute Halloween decor!!

Forrest & Kim said...

She is so cute! I wish I could havebeen at her blassing! When are you coming back down?

Andrea said...

So cute - I love thumb suckers! It's way cute! (I use to have a thumb sucker until Lauren decided she sucked her finger too hard one night and it hurt and she wore a band-aid on her thumb for about 5 weeks straight ... no more thumb sucking.)