Friday, November 14, 2008

Keely got earings!!

Tonight Summer and Keely got there ears pierced! As you can see from the first photo Keely wasn't too happy, but after about 1 minute she was fine! She looks so cute with her little CZ's in. Count down--6 weeks till she can put in her real ruby earing that Lindsay got her! (I did take video but it is kinda sad, and they made me hold her real tight so she wouldn't move)
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Suni said...

What a fun little cousin thing to do together!! I can't believe how brave Summer was!

Bills Family said...

I LOVE her earings. I wanted to do Addy's when she was little but, I was too chicken!
Your new header picture is darling!! She is so beautiful! =]

Skiba Family said...

I'm very jealous!! I am all for getting your babies ears pierced so I marched 3 mo old Kierstie down to the mall, picked out earrings, paid, sat down and then realized she has no ear lobes. 3 years later still no lobes. I'm sad. Kierstie bugs me for earrings nonstop.