Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Keely got princess glasses today.  We are hoping she will actually keep them on! Her opthamologist is hoping they will correct her lazy eye.  If it doesn't we have to talk surgery in a couple of months.


Carly said...

Cute! Don't worry too much though--my niece was severely cross-eyed, so after trying the glasses, she just had the surgery two weeks ago. It went really well and of course it was stressful to have a kid need surgery, but she didn't even need an eye patch or anything--and they did both eyes at once. Easy peasy recovery. I hope the glasses work for Keely!

Olsens said...

Okay those are adorable!

The Jackson's said...

She looks so cute! and...Emily does want to go to Disneyland! We are trying to find time. When we do come, you bet I will let you know!