Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lake Arrowhead-Part 1

Yes, Kennedy is wearing a boy snowsuit. We borrowed it.

Keely throwing a snowball at her Dad.  She thought she was sooo funny.

We went up to my Unlce's cabin in Lake Arrowhead so the girls could play in the snow.  But there wasn't any snow.... So we found some at a sledding place called Snowdrift.  They had so much fun.  Kennedy would scream when we put her on the tube but then when we got to the bottom of the tube she wanted to go back up the hill.

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Windsor said...

SO NO FAIR! Nothing better than not having to deal with driving in the snow, and still getting to sled. (in short sleeved shirts, I might add) Why did I leave California again?? Oh that's right..because I can't afford to keep up with the Jones' and nore do I care to try! :) But, I will say.. there are moments, people, and things that make my heart ache to go back home! The cabin being one of them!