Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby your a firework!

Keely & Kennedy got feathers in their hair.  Keely picked a small pink & black stripped one.
I choose a red & black one for Kennedy.  It was sticking up most the day.  She was nicknamed Red Feather Crow.
Sims Grandkids (minus Jasmine & Aurelia)
For the 4th of July most of all the grandkids on my side of the family were in town.  We went down to Peralta Park to meet up with the ward.  There was a good BBQ and treats.  The kids had fun with water balloon fights, 3 legged races etc.  Kennedy watched and loved the fireworks.  Keely hid under the blanket 90% of the time.  She told me to take pictures with my camera so she could see them.  Silly girl, she watched them and loved them at Disneyland last year.  I think they were just too loud for her.


The Jackson's said...

So FUN!! I don't know who 1/2 of those grandkids are! Can you explain for me?

Crow Family said...


Jackie's kids are the 3 boys in red american flag shirts and the little girl in black holding my little girl Kennedy.

Craig's kids- Trevor(16) in chair wearing white shirt and Kyle (12)sitting in front of him wearing grey shirt and Ally(7) is in the middle in pink.

Kenny's kids- Paige(16) is in chair with pink jacket. Chloe (13) is in sweatshirt sitting on ground,and Colin (10) is wearing the elmo hat.

Amy's boy is Nate in the middle chair (19)

Then there is my two little girlies Keely with glasses, pink sweatshirt and Kennedy holding the cotton candy :)

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

Your girl's glasses are TOO cute on her. Love the pink frame.