Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keely's Three~!


Keely had a busy busy weekend.  Friday was her big dentist appointment.  We met with the dentist (3rd & best one) early morning and I guess all the brushing and rinsing has helped!  The first two thought she needed 3-4 crowns.  This one said no crowns!  She still had 7 cavities to fill and sealants so they gave her oral sedation.  She is a funny little loud drunk :)  She cried for the first 5 minutes and then fell asleep, thank goodness.

Saturday we met with some friends from church and got lunch at Chick fila and then went to Keely's first movie at the movie theatres.  We saw Winnie the Pooh.  She did great.  The movie was only 69 minutes so I think that helped.  But she sat and ate her popcorn and candy and sang along to the songs.  I didn't know that kids under 3 were free... I would have tried earlier.  I guess at least we got to take advantage of that once :)

Sunday was Keely's Birthday.  She woke up to balloons all around the house.  She loved them. We have 9am church, Grammy stayed with Keely (I had to go to one of my best friends Wedding Shower) in Nursery and they sang to her there.  When I got home from the shower we did presents and cake.  She loved all her presents.  She even shared with Kennedy. (not often that happens)  Her big present from us is tickets to the Circus.  We are so excited to take the girls at the end of the month.

At Keely's three year old check up... She weighsed in at 31.4 lbs (Dr said a little below average) and is 38 1/4 inches tall (75%).  She had to get her iron tested (finger prick) and one immunization shot.  She was not too happy about that.  I had Kennedy with us at the appointment and the nurse came in with the shots and asked which one was Keely, and Kennedy said "ME"  I should have let her get the shots, she is such a little stinker. lol 

A couple of questions I asked Keely-
Q:What is your favorite color?   A: Yellow, red, blue and purple....
Q: Whose your best friend?     A:  DAD!...and sissy.....long pause  and Mommy
Q: What's your favorite food?  A:  I like chicken
Q: What's your favorite game? A:  Candyland
Q: What's your favorite show? A: Wow wow Wobbzy

I know I haven't mentioned it but Keely is fully potty trained. I know alot of people potty train their kids younger, but I wasn't mentally ready until now. We started on June 1st and she took to it super fast.  She has had less than a handful of accidents. She is so proud of herself every time she uses that restroom. Only problem is sometime Keely just wants to see the restroom in whatever store we are in, whether she needs to use it or not. Kennedy is acting interested now too.  Who knows maybe I will get them both out of diapers soon :)

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